To The Women Who Have Seen My Scars And Still Called Me Beautiful

Normally, I'd have resented that kind of wholesome, healthy, glowy perfection. But I couldn't.  Her entrance had a very "North Witch" effect on me. She was stunning in a lulling way. Beautiful inside and out. Instead of resenting her, I trusted her.  She was professional, greeting me like an adult, instead of in a condescending manner like so many healthcare professionals were prone to do. 


New Year, Old Alter Ego

She doesn't need to work up the courage to get a blue dyed bob she just goes and does it. Not electric blue, she’s not rock and roll enough, she’s more indie rock. So it’s a faded blue, like an ombre grey blue. Either that or dusty rose tinted hair. Because she’s vintage. A little 60’s Twiggy, a little roaring 20’s, a little vintage steampunk, a little rococo.