I graduated with a Liberal Arts degree. Am now paying (if we’re being literal, then not paying), for my obsession with Arthurian Legend, Shakespeare, and 19th century Gothic weirdos like the Bronte sisters and Bram Stoker.

In my mid twenties I moved across the ocean (leaving good ‘ol Canada behind) to Israel. If you don’t like that, you’re entitled.


I try to present all the struggles here(livin the dream..woo?) through a hilarious, and sincere lens.

Things you need to know about me: FEMINSIM. NERD PRINCESS. ORTHODOXY(what is orthodoxy?). BOOKS. FASHION…ish(who am I today?).

I write stuff. Oh, and some drunk guy in Manhattan’s Lower East Side once confused me for Mila Kunis #lifegoals #winning.